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Your success is determined by your authentic leadership.

Therefore anything that reduces your ability to lead, reduces your ability to succeed.

“Wellness leadership is about being more OF you and not trying to be more THAN you.”

Andy Ramsay - Founder of Wellness Leadership Academy

“The more you master the 5 Key Wellness Leader Steps, the more impact, influence and inspiration you will create.”

Marcus Bird - Founder of Wellness Leadership Academy

Discover Your Abilities and Potential as a Wellness Leader

The Scorecard will measure your current performance against the 5 Key Wellness Leadership Steps:


Are you clear on the global transformation you want to create?

The ability to define the transformation you want to see in the world, and to build a platform for your tribe to gather around a unified purpose, is vital if you ever want to positively change the world. Getting clear and focused on your mission is defining why you are here, what you are taking a stand for, and gathering a community that supports you fulfil your ultimate mission.


Does your message inspire and energise your tribe?

It’s key that you deliver a powerful message that concisely communicates who you are, what you do, and the transformation you represent, in order for your message to make a real impact and attract clients to your mission and cause. You will need to be able to regularly pitch your products and values to your tribe, team and partners in an inspiring and motivating manner.


Have you differentiated yourself from your competition?

Differentiating yourself from the competition can be achieved by creating product assets and intellectual property. Your methodology is your unique system for success, your wellness journey, the framework that will lead your clients to unlock results in their life. This may take the form of models, phrases, strategies and ideas, all showing people why they are experiencing a problem, what they should be doing instead, and how to implement these actions.


Do you regularly publish high-value and empowering content?

Content is king and so you need to be producing quality content that empowers, inspires and ignites transformation in your tribe, building trust and rapport, whilst converting those who are ready to work with you into clients. Instead of simply recycling information as many of your competitors may do, it’s imperative that you educate and empower your tribe through blogs, articles, podcasts, social media, emails, videos and books.


Have you built multiple streams of income and positive impact?

No two people learn and integrate education and content in exactly the same manner. This is why as a wellness leader you must be able to master and deliver your magic through multiple methods, otherwise called your different offerings of fruit. Mastery is replicating your core framework into multiple streams of positive impact, utilising a variety of platforms to share your teachings, creating unlimited income for your business.

Discover Your Abilities and Potential as a Wellness Leader

Discover your score in less than 7 minutes.

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Measure how powerful your current mission and message is, the quality of your methodology and product, the impact of your marketing, and your niche mastery to make a bigger difference in the world.

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Once your score has been calculated by our system, take a look at how you perform across the 5 Key Wellness Leader Steps. We’ll provide you with a tailored insight into how to improve your score with suggested actions and expert tips.

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Discover Your Abilities and Potential as a Wellness Leader